Hold Trump and Pence Accountable for Their Assault on Women's Rights

Donald Trump just imposed the Global Gag Rule, making it illegal for any clinic that receives U.S. aid to even talk about abortion.

When doctors can't tell their patients where to go for care, women suffer. Globally, 47,000 women die every year from unsafe abortions. And instead of sending help, Trump and Pence are going to make it harder for women to find safe abortion care and birth control. It's an assault on women's rights, women's health, and every woman's ability to choose what's best for herself, her family, and her community.


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I'll fight back against Trump, Pence, and their anti-woman agenda. Every day. For as long as it takes.

I believe that women everywhere should have access to safe and legal abortion care. Women deserve the right to choose when, how, and whether they have children. The Global Gag Rule will make it harder for women worldwide to find safe abortion care, forcing many to risk their lives with dangerous procedures. By starting their administration with this virulently anti-woman policy, Trump and Pence are telling America where they stand. And so I'm standing against them.

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