Stop Higher Taxes on Beer, Spirits and Wine – Act Today!

An effort is underway by the Anchorage Municipal Assembly to increase the tax on beer, spirits and wine. The proposal calls for an immediate 2% tax increase, followed by an additional 2% increase every 2 years for a total increase of 6% - all without another vote, nor clear direction on how the money will be spent. The Assembly hopes to accomplish this by sidestepping the Municipal Charter that calls for a three-fifths majority vote for all new taxes, calling it a “one-time” exemption. 

Tell your local legislators to stop playing disingenuous politics with your money; after all they just passed the largest Municipal budget in history on top of $14 million in new gasoline taxes. 

Send the message that you already pay your fair share and to vote NO on higher taxes and end the shady politics. Take action now!