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The Bayou Bridge Pipeline project is under attack by environmentalists.The project will expand existing pipeline infrastructure in the region, helping to deliver more Texas oil to markets in Louisiana while creating thousands of new jobs. SIGN NOW to tell radical environmentalists that Texans and Louisianans support the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. 

Here are just a few benefits of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline:

  • The pipe used to construct the project was made 100 percent in the United States.
  • The pipeline will create an estimated 2,500 new jobs.
  • Bayou Bridge represents an estimated $750 million in total infrastructure investment.
  • Pipeline construction is estimated to generate $17.6 million in sales tax revenue.
  • The pipeline will transport up to 480,000 barrels per day of reliable oil to refineries and distribution centers at the St. James Hub in Louisiana.
  • Salaries for permanent operations staff are expected to be between $65,000 and $95,000 per year. 

This project must be completed. Support the Bayou Bridge Pipeline and STAND UP to environmental extremists. 

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