Defend Your Right to Find Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution

Currently, cities and towns have the ability to make independent decisions at the local level to reflect the needs and desires of their residents... without interference from state government.

But that would all change if some pro-plastic lobby groups get their way.

H. 3529 would prevent our local communities from making important, local decisions, like how to handle the problem of plastic bag pollution in our own back yards.

We think that's outrageous!

This poorly-drafted legislation is a violation of home rule – a legal provision in South Carolina that gives towns, cities and counties the authority to do what's best for their communities.

H. 3529 passed the House and is headed to the Senate. Please, contact your Senator today and ask them to support home rule and fight plastic pollution by voting "NO" on H. 3529.

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Thank you for taking action to allow local communities to implement local solutions to plastic pollution! Please encourage others to do the same by sharing on social media.

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]

I'm a constituent in your district and I'm calling to ask that you vote "NO" on H. 3529 when it comes to a full House vote this week.

This bill would prevent our community from making independent decisions and choosing the best local solution for plastic pollution.

Pleae do the right thing for our community and vote "NO" on H. 3529.

Thank you for your time.