THE IMPORTANCE OF Interior Design Recognition and Registration in Wisconsin

Currently, in the state of Wisconsin, interior designers who meet certain criteria can register with the state and use the title “Registered Interior Designer.”  This title law has been a great first step in carving out a scope of work in statute for interior designers and giving those who want a registered title the ability to have one .  As the profession evolves, many interior designers have looked for the ability to stamp and seal their own work and submit those drawings to building officials. 

A strong interior design scope of work that evolves as the profession evolves, and having stamp/seal privileges written into law are the keys to advancing your career and profession. Unfortunately, Wisconsin law does not provide all of these rights for registered interior designers. Please read the short petition below that explains how this has negatively impacted Wisconsin's registered interior designers. 

Then, please take two seconds to sign your name in support of Wisconsin's registered interior designers gaining these rights! 

PETITION FOR Stamp/Permit Authority for Plan Approval

Wisconsin law does not allow registered interior designers to stamp their drawings or obtain building permits for the interiors portion of a construction or renovation project. This system currently in place has created unnecessary costs and regulatory red tape on interior design small businesses. In fact, it accounts for at least 12 percent of an interior design small business’ annual costs every year!

The absence of permit authority and plan approval also unfairly limits registered interior designers’ ability to bid private sector interiors construction/renovation projects. This unfair system encourages owners or contractors to not even accept bids from registered interior designers. By allowing registered interior designers to approve their plans, it would ensure they are not inadvertently limited from design work around the state.


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