“I Support Welcoming Refugees to the United States!”

On September 27, the Trump administration announced that it would aim to welcome only 45,000 individuals for the next year--the lowest resettlement goal in our nation’s history. In the midst of the largest refugee crisis in modern history, the need for higher refugee resettlement figures is critical. The United States needs to lead by a moral example, or else we risk seeing other countries begin to decrease their commitment to refugees as well.

45,000 is not a fixed number. Congress has the opportunity to push back on this exceedingly low figure and urge the President to welcome more refugees. Refugee resettlement agencies and faith-based organizations are calling for a minimum goal of 75,000. 

CRC congregations have a strong tradition of welcoming refugees fleeing violence and persecution. From World Renew’s beginnings serving Cuban refugees escaping political oppression in the 1960’s to congregations walking alongside refugee families from Syria, Myanmar, the Congo, and beyond today, CRC members have long supported and exemplified Biblical hospitality in attitudes toward refugees. 

Will you contact your Members of Congress and ask them to advocate for 75,000 lives? 

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Image credit: Flickr user Jorg Schubert

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