Tell Congress to Hold Child Sex Traffickers Accountable

Those who run sites like Backpage have, for years, been allowed to facilitate child sex trafficking without consequences.  Backpage doesn't just turn a blind eye to this crime.  According to a U.S. Senate investigation, the company actually helps pimps write their ads. This has been allowed to continue as websites like Google have spent millions of dollars to fund organizations, scholars and lobbyists to defend Backpage under the banner of free speech concerns.  

The first amendment doesn't protect publishers' right to host child sex traffickers. And as the internet age has made the child sex industry accessible to anyone with a mobile phone, our laws must change and adapt to address it.

Which is why we are asking that our Legislators co-author and support S.B. 1693, the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017 and pass legislation that would hold those who run sites which facilitate child prostitution accountable for their crimes.

Please email your representatives telling them to take a decisive stand against child sex trafficking!