Tell Obama to Stop the Raids!

At the start of the New Year the Department of Homeland Security began raiding immigrant communities in states across the country. The raids have swept up many including children and families from Central America who are seeking asylum. Many never received their court date and were unable to find adequate legal counsel.

Raids are an inhumane and unjust response to the humanitarian crisis that has caused thousands to flee the horrific realities of brutal violence and extreme poverty in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. In many cases our government is deporting people back to potentially fatal circumstances.

These raids, coupled with the deportation of more than two million mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers over the course of this administration, have left our neighbors in fear of being separated from their families, detained and deported. Urge President Obama to stop the raids!

Our faith calls us to walk with the marginalized - the poor, the rejected, the stranger – just as Christ did. Instead of deporting families seeking safety, the administration should see that they are provided adequate legal representation and should designate Temporary Protective Status to stop the deportation of Central Americans.

UCC advocates have been on the front lines of the response, marching in the streets and organizing to offer sanctuary to immigrant families. Now is the time to act. Call on President Obama to STOP the raids on Central American children and families!

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Sample message: “As a person of faith I urge President Obama to immediately halt the immigration raids taking place in our community and STOP plans to deport Central American children and families. These individuals are fleeing violence and deserve our compassion."