No new oil and gas leases in the Arctic Ocean!



Not even a year after steps were taken to protect the Arctic Ocean, the Trump administration is seeking to revise the five-year oil and gas leasing program and open up this fragile marine ecosystem to drilling.

Tell Interior Secretary Zinke before August 17: No new oil and gas leases in the Arctic Ocean!

The Arctic Ocean’s remoteness, extreme weather and sea conditions make it one of the most dangerous places to drill for oil. Two Arctic Ocean lease sales were canceled in the 2017-2022 program, but now President Trump’s administration wants to include new Arctic Ocean leases in the 2019-2024 program.

A major oil spill would endanger Alaska Native coastal communities, polar bears, seals, bowhead whales, and the coastlines of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.

Send Interior Secretary Zinke a message to protect the Arctic Ocean during the official comment period open through August 17!


Tell the Trump administration to protect America's Arctic Ocean from the risk of catastrophic oil spills!


Thank you for protecting our incredible wildlands!