“I pledge to protect and defend vulnerable people in the name of Jesus.”

The Matthew 25 Pledge is a U.S. Christian movement formed in response to threats of American policies that will do harm to vulnerable people, particularly immigrants, Muslims, and people of color. This movement will provide resources to help you:


Commit to daily prayer for people who are at risk of harm.

Educate your community about policies which harm vulnerable people.

Multiply the movement by inviting others to sign this pledge

Use your voice to advocate for more just policies that protect the vulnerable.


Will you join us in the biblical call to protect and defend the vulnerable?



Pastor Pottratz MN
Sara McGraw-Abdalla VA
Jessica Goddard CA
Sierra Schultz WI
Ken Wall NJ
Once you take the pledge, join the network of churches around the country working to engage their communities. Learn how to become a Matthew 25 congregation here.